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Books to Africa

Helping to educate poor students in Africa

Greetings to all!

I would like to take a moment to invite you to share in an endeavor with Blood Bought Books And Publications to send 100 or more books and accompanying color pencils sets, to children in the Kibirbiri area of Uganda, Africa or the Accra, Gomoa or Adaa areas of Ghana, Africa. The schools are in poor rural villages of these areas and do not have all of the educational supplies and necessities required to aid in better quality education. This beautifully illustrated 118-page book entitled "Words Are Wonderful Poems of Life" is filled with inspirational poems, awesome and ensconcing art, and hands on educational activities designed to spur and engage the mind to learn, create and achieve. Also included in the book is an additional surprise educational resource gift for the students to use and share with friends. I am an educational instructor of thirty plus years, retired from the public-school system and know the importance of good curriculum and its' accompanying resources. "Words Are Wonderful Poems of Life" is designed to aid and enhance students' learning experience. You may even order copies to have for your own children, grandchildren, other family members and friends. This endeavor is a personal passion effort, therefore is not tax deductible. More, a willingness to help those less fortunate than we. So please, place an order of one or more books with accompanying color pencil sets to be shipped to a village school in Uganda/Ghana to inspire, uplift and bring joy and hope to children so very far away. Your purchase(s) could be  "a seed planted by the river,"  to them!  Don't delay, order today! (International orders will be shipped directly to Africa.) Place your order(s) at The Poet's Corner Store at,  "News Flash" on the home page will show you the way, or you may click on "The Poet's Corner Store" directly.  I extend a heartfelt thank you and may God bless you and yours always!


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From the Charlene's World Collection, gorgeous one of a kind doll fashions for sale.  Grab them while they're hot!
    { ~ ~ ~ ~ } New items on display December 22, 2019 at  the Poet's Corner Store { ~ ~ ~ ~}
* Fashions will fit up to most 15 inch waist dolls*

Sold Out!

Sold Out!

Sold Out!

Sold Out!

Charlene And Friends At Prospect Park

Read about Charlene and her friends; a humorous, colorfully illustrated, heart warming book that teaches kids about being responsible, about community,  recycling, and caring for the earth! 
Book will be in print and  available for purchase February , 2020 at The Poet's Corner Store.  Other purchasing venues to be announced!