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Please bear with us as we postpone our Fall 2022 Poet's and Art Gallery submissions. We will resume receiving submissions in the Fall of 2024. We will update you with application guidelines three months prior to start date. Thank you for your patience and cooperation and, please continue to be safe

  Blood Bought Books and Publications staff.

Late Fall  2024 Releases of the Charlene's World series:

Charlene And Friends At Prospect Park

Charlene and the Big Dog

Charlene & Friends Foreign Language Book

Charlene’s Songs

Charlene and the Yooka Doo

Fashion Fun with Charlene and Friends

Seeds and Smiles with Charlene and Friends

Three Cheers for the Grand

Look for them at:, on line and at your local book stores!


Other Releases by Wahanama Robinson


A Children's book about siblings


A - Z  As Easy As Can Be

A comprehensive, interactive hands on, elementary level work book!


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Read fantastic poems, short stories and children's books.

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Vault presently closed for the novel:

 "Steel Bullets Brass Knuckles Gold Crown"

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Revised edition of 

Steel Bullets Brass Knuckles Gold Crown

to be released Fall, 2024. A must read!

See BBB Videos for more details!

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