Here are some captivating samples of work by the exceptionally
                                 gifted and talented artist: 

Donuyé Broussard

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Art work by Donuyé, showcased in the book:

         "Words are Wonderful Poems of Life"       
~~~~Some of Donuyé's favorite work~~~~

 >>>>>>> Donuyé Broussard Biography <<<<<<<

Born with a passion for art; Donuyé Broussard is a self-taught traditional,  digital and graphic artist who has the ability to vividly express creative, visual storytelling through drawing. Ever since she was old enough to pick up a pencil, and further as a young child, she was able to draw her favorite characters with flair and ease. Moving on, she began to sketch comic panels as a teen. Further honing her skills, she went on to dabble in surrealism art. 

 Donuyé loves to work in artistic mediums such as: Illustrations, traditional animation, graphic design, filmography and photography; just to name a few! Her unique skills and talents afforded her opportunities early on in her career that allowed her to create dynamic logos for several start-up businesses, and to create unique graphics for apparel brands. She has done beautiful illustrative art for Blood Bought Books and Publications’ children’s book series, as well as publishing her own short stories in the form of a digital online webcomic. She currently works as the Director of the PD&A Department (Photography, Digital & Arts Department) at Blood Bought Books and Publications. In addition, Donuyé manages her own social media page dedicated to showcasing her superlative art and interests. This talented and gifted artist continues to work in a variety of creative forums that expand and intrigue her personal interests and professional growth.