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"I'm a writer who has gotten numerous rejections, although I've been told by many, several of who are professionals in the field of law, politics, business, etc; that I am an exceptional writer.  Because of those rejections pursuant of the traditional market, I really became discouraged and even stopped writing for awhile.  Then one day I submitted my work.  It was reviewed, accepted for publication and I have sold my work which has been read by hundreds of thousands of people.  Submitting to Blood Bought Books and Publications was the best decision I have made in a very long time.  I would encourage anyone who is serious about getting their work published to try Blood Bought Books.  Believe me, you won't be disappointed!" 

M. H.  Phoenix, AZ


If you aspire to achieve professional results, Blood Bought Books is the way to go.  We are impressed not only by the content of the work they publish but by their knowledgeable and professional staff alone.

V. M.  LA


"When I received my book in the mail, (Steel Bullets, Brass Knuckles, Gold Crown) I opened it and sat down to my kitchen table.  When I started reading it I couldn't put it down.  I finished the whole book at the table.  It was so good!"

Mary R.  Queens, NY


"Blood Bought Books and Publications publishes books that are of the highest quality, purpose and content.  Their publishings are ones that cannot be compared to anyone else." 

Jason K.  Alamogordo, NM.


I read the book about Charlene at the park and also the book about the organized crime. I enjoyed them so much. You could see the images so clearly and vividly, especially in the organized crime book. The art pictures in the Charlene book were so pretty and realistic. I look forward to reading more books from your company.

R. M.  Eya  MD 


I can truly say that I like what you do.  It is very good and entertaining.  It is eye catching and if I ever write a book I will be sure to send it to your Blood Bought Books to be published.  I read your gangster book and it was so real and scary.  It was so good, so I know your company can print exciting books.  Best wishes

B. Z.  Charlotte, NC


This story  (Steel Bullets Brass Knuckles Gold Crown) was mysterious, action packed, and I was captivated by every word written in this book. This was one book that is a must read! Blood Bought Books and Publications offers its readers a sense of quality that cannot be matched. They are one of the best publishers around and they offer books that you will never forget.

Moses R.  Mayhill, NM


I am excited to say that I'd had the chance to illustrate for two of your books to be published soon, and have enjoyed the opportunity given to draw for and work with you on those projects!  I thank you for showcasing my art work in your stories and look forward to working with you again soon!

M.  D.  NE


I was immersed in my reads from Blood Bought Books, from start to finish! Captivating material.  Was locked in the moment I started reading.  Outstanding.  And that's coming from a picky reader!!

Terese D.  Los Angeles, CA


Very professional and easy to work with!  After submitting some short stories, I was pleased with the revision to my work.  I don't always  enjoy content promoted by other publishers, but the guidelines set by Blood Bought Books and Publications always ensure the best works are on display, including the book, "Steel Bullets, Brass Knuckles, Gold Crown."

Charlene M.  Lincoln, NE


I aspire to be a great writer like Wahanama Robinson.  Her stories are astonishing in every aspect.  I deeply respect her awareness of quality over quantity, keeping you drawn into the story from beginning to end.  Hence, why I prefer Blood Bought Books to publish my content in the near future.  Blood Bought Books is the go-to for outstanding quality content if you are intrigued by thrilling and action filled stories that never fail to keep you interested.

Zimone Y.  Bowie, MD


I'm an avid reader who love for my interest and imagination to be captured within the first few chapters. Steel bullets, Brass Knuckles, Gold Crown did just that. Grabs you by the throat and keeps you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page to the very end. Extremely gifted author! I look forward to reading more of your works!

Steven H.  SC


I highly recommend Blood Bought Books... the writer brings everything to life and makes the reading experience just that... an experience. Her writing is so precise and moving, and you can trust that the knowledge and experience is first hand! You won’t be the same after reading one of these books... it has even inspired a desire in me to put my own story on paper.

Nicole,  MN

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