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Words Are Wonderful Poems of Life.

(Book only order)

Words Are Wonderful Poems of Life is an inspirational, educational resource for class rooms, home schoolers and beyond.  It is a work that has hands on activities as well as language that stimulates and spurs the  mind, warms the heart and tickles the funny bone.  Some selected poems with their collaboratively detailed illustrations are quite awe inspiring.  This book is a collection of unique work which is sure to please young and old alike.  It is an excellent gift idea as well so don't delay, order your copy today!

$19.95 US per copy.   

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$22.95 US per set.  

*Set out of stock. Campaign ended.

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White cotton lace trim panties w/ satin ribbon

$5.00   sku  A1  Sold out

Pink PJ's  with/ white lace trim and rose bud applique

$10.00   sku  A4  Sold out

Navy, black, white day dress w/ light blue cotton ruffles & white lace trim

$15.00   sku  A6  Sold out

Snazzy black jumper w/ white cotton shirt, brass buttons

$10.00   sku  A8  Sold out

Fancy brown/beige print day dress w/tulle underlay & fancy green lace trim on collar and hem

$15.00   sku  A10  Sold out

White cotton lace slip w/ white trim & flower applique

$8.00   sku  A2  Sold out

Baby blue PJ's w/ Native trim

$10.00   sku  A3  Sold out

Gorgeous pink satin formal w/sheer overlay & lace trim & rose bud appliques

$20.00   sku  A7  Sold out

Dark gray 100% wool cape w/ lilac satin trim & matching muff.  *Dry clean only please!

$25.00   sku  A5  Sold out

Soft blue house coat w attached belt. Fancy eyelet lace on collar and pocket

$10.00   sku  A9  Sold out


"Books to Africa" 

Please place your order(s) to send: 

Words Are Wonderful Poems of Life Book & Coloring Pencils Set(s)

to students in a poor village school in Uganda/Ghana.

* More detailed information about this cause at: news-flash.php

Ordering on this campaign has ended.

Thank you for your generous support.

$23.95 US per book & 10 piece color pencil set.

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